«In 2014, the studio make the UW shootings with a camera Blackmagic Cinema Production 4K in Nauticam housing to depth 60m »

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In 2008 «Hydrofilm» participated in the international expedition “Bartabas”in the south of France. The result was the article in the third issue of magazine the «Maximum depth», 2008 and video film about the sunken ships «Togo», «Espingol» and submarine «Rubin» in the program «Maximum depth» in the 7TV channel.

During the summer in 2006 Hydrofilm was used underwater shooting for the serial broadcasted by NTV «Autonomka». Very original and creative decision was applied there – video camera in a special housing with corbel was placed in the submarine cabin, which allowed continuous shooting during the emersion and immersion.

A special safety housing for DVCam video camera hand made it possible to shoot the «plunge» of submarine of more than 60 meters at a speed of 10 knots without the slightest camera vibration, even though the camera was switched on before the dive and continued shooting during all dive.

In 2007 the studio bought a set of underwater shooting equipment of high definition, allowing shootings at a depth of 60 meters with a movie quality.